Welcome to Chevra 2024!

Dear Parents and Campers,

We would like to welcome you to Camp Chevra 2024! We are anticipating the most exciting summer together!

Camp Dates / Hours:*

First Session: July 2nd – July 26th

Second Session: July 29th – August 22nd

Juniors/Seniors: Monday – Thursday: 9:30-4:30 , Friday Until 2pm (for all campers)

Chevra Xtra/Xtreme: Monday- Wednesday: Until 6:30 (with refreshments), Thursday: Until 7:00 (with dinner)

*Camp dates are subject to change based upon DOH guidelines.

Camp Chevra will be located at Yeshivas Ohr Reuven, 257 Grandview Ave.


To ensure a successful summer we have enclosed some important information that you will find helpful. Enclosed please find:

  • List of ספרים your child will need
  • Medical Form to be filled out by YOU and submitted below. You will also need to upload a copy of your child’s immunization records. You should request these records from your child’s doctor. The doctor can also email the immunization records to us directly. (Your child will not be admitted to camp if BOTH of these have not been submitted. – See below)
  • Contact list
  • The daily calendar can be found on our website


If you didn’t register for our hot lunch program and would like to sign your son up for it now, please update your parent dashboard.

If you didn’t register for our amazing Swikers program and would like to sign your son up for it now, please update your parent dashboard.

You should send snacks (nut free) and drinks with your child. Please do NOT send in any products that contain nuts.

All balances and payments must be satisfied, along with a filled out medical and immunization form before your son will be assigned to a bunk. (See below for medical info)

If you have any questions please email the office at [email protected].

We are looking forward to seeing all the campers and are anticipating a spectacular summer together!

Learning Groups

Dear Parents,

As the Yeshiva year comes to a close, we would like to welcome you to Camp Chevra. With the help of Hashem we are planning a new and exciting and in-person learning program for your son(s) this summer.

While the summer may be a time for children to “Air Out” from a long pressurized year, we have still have the duty to ensure that our boys not only don’t lose what they have gained over the school year, but rather continue to grow. Therefore, we plan to give your son(s) a summer filled with enjoyable learning, to instill enthusiasm and excitement into the learning program. Please make sure that your son(s) comes to camp with the proper ספרים (listed below) that are needed. A child that comes to camp with his baseball glove and bat, but forgets his ספרים, diminishes the importance of learning.

As always please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns, or even to just to check up on your son’s learning. We are looking forward to an exciting summer, that your sons will enjoy B’ruchniyus U’bigashmiyus!

As requested by many parents this year, campers going into 6th grade will be davening in camp. All boys going into 7th and up, are strongly encouraged to daven with a מנין, as they did each day in school.


Rabbi Noam Peikes


What You Will Need

Please note:

At the request of Gedolei Yisrael, and for the safety of your children, all electronics (including but not limited to cell phones, iPods, etc…) are not allowed in camp. If they are brought to camp they will be confiscated and returned to a parent at the end of the week.

Medical Info

No child will be admitted to camp without completing and submitting the form below AND a copy of their immunization records from their doctor.
Please fill out one form per camper.

If you have not uploaded your sons immunizations on the form linked above, you may come back at a later point and upload them here.
Doctors can email to [email protected]

Contact List



Yitz Greenbaum






RABBI Saltzman